Sterling Silver is an alloy comprising 92.5% pure Silver with 7.5% other metals, usually copper

Sterling Silver Harmony Ball Pendants

Sterling Silver Harmony Ball pendants present a number of design and skill challenges for a silversmith. Most harmony ball pendant styles are hand crafted by highly skilled village artisan silversmiths in places like Indonesia using techniques handed down through generations. The artistry and craftsmanship is exceptional as the following examples show, particularly given the very basic tools and methods used to make these beautiful Sterling Silver Harmony Balls.

traditional Balinese sterling silver harmony ball The traditional Balinese Sterling Silver harmony ball on this Harmony Ball Necklace begins with a solid sterling silver ball containing the chime bell inside, so it is made in two halves then soldered together (at the centre band). Then each and every other detail on the ball is individually placed by the silversmith including every single tiny silver ball. The artisan silversmiths use  the sap from a locally grown tree as the 'glue' or bonding agent for all the fine detail (soldering would be almost impossible for such fine pieces). Quite masterful work. This harmony ball measures 18mm (3/4") in diameter.

hinged style sterling silver harmony necklace This hinged cage style harmony necklace is made from two caste halves to which then is fitted a hinge on one side (obscured) and a latch on the opposite side (seen above). Also added is the 'pillar' into which is set a gemstone, in this case it is a cubiic zirconia (CZ), and also the hinged bail system. The 'chime ball' or harmony ball is contained inside the cage - they can be made from Sterling Silver, Brass or in this image a red resin coated brass chime ball is used.

Harmony Ball necklaces aside from being worn as a Pregnancy Necklace are also popular as Mother's Day Gifts at that special time of year.

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